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What's new

Dec. 2022
Aoki's paper appeared on PLoS One
Nov. 2022
Kano's paper appeared on Neuroscience Research
Sep. 2022
Nakano's paper appeared on G3
Jun. 2022
Aoki, jurado, Nawa, and Kondo's paper appeared on PLoS Genetics
Jun. 2022
Dr Moonsun has moved to Group of Nutritional Neuroscience as a Designated Senior Lecturer
Jan. 2022
Mori lab appered on YouTube! Check it out!
Apr. 2020
Huang(Tammy)'s paper appeared on Aging Cell
Apr. 2020
Matsuyama's paper appeared on eNeuro
Mar. 2020
Ikeda's paper appeared on PNAS
Jan. 2020
Nakano's paper appeared on PNAS
Aug. 2018
Aoki's paper appeared on Communications biology
Jul. 2017
Sasakura's paper appeared on Journal of Cell Science
May. 2017
The site for Neuroscience institute launched (English version will appare soon!)
May. 2017
Ikue is awarded Medal with Purple Ribbon!
May. 2017
An opning workshop for Neuroscience institute
Jan. 2017
Tammy from Pan lab in Taiwan is staying for collaborative work
May. 2016
Ikue is awarded Cyunichi-bunka prize!
Mar. 2016
Tsukada's paper appeared on the Journal of Neuroscience
Feb. 2016
Graduate student Yoshida received Best Paper Award on his thesis
Dec. 2015
Kobayashi's paper appeared on Cell Reports
Nov. 2015
Graduate student Yoshida and Dr Nakano's paper appeared on Genes, Brain and Behavior
review paper was appeared on Curr Opin Neurobiol.
Apr. 2015
The site for Nagoya Research Center for Brain and Neural Circuits launched
Mar. 2015
review paper was appeared on Curr Opin Neurobiol.
Feb. 2015
Undergraduate student Sano received Best Paper Award on her thesis
Feb. 2014
Undergraduate student Yoshida received Best Paper Award on his thesis
Jan. 2014
Graduate student Kobayashi received Annual Research Award in IGER Program
Aug 2013
Ikue will be awarded the Kihara prize on the next annual meeting of the Genetics society of Japan
May 2013
Ikue will be awarded the Tokizane prize on the next Annual Japan Neuroscience Society Meeting

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